The Chuckanut Bay Community Association (CBCA) encompasses over 400 households in one of the most scenic and beautiful places to live in the Pacific Northwest. As a member, you have an opportunity to meet your neighbors, make friends, attend community functions, and become an active part of your neighborhood.

CBCA is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a spirit of community among residents in the Chuckanut Bay and Chuckanut Mountain area. Our mission is to promote and protect the safety and welfare of the Chuckanut community and its residents. We provide a friendly forum for social gatherings, community projects, and fundraising activities. Our association maintains an extensive member database, and can quickly communicate with residents in the event of neighborhood alerts, emergencies, and community news. CBCA provides a community directory and website. CBCA also provides a forum for residents to join together to work on community projects of interest.

Chuckanut Bay Community Association was initially formed in 1992 to support volunteer firefighters in our district, and continues today as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Chuckanut community.

If you would like information on membership, go to our Membership Page.